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Firecracker Festive


Are you finding the perfect dessert to complete your Chinese New Year dinner or planning to send a gift to your loved one?

A refreshing delight of Longan Red Date sponge imbued with Wolfberry Hawthorn Jam to get you and your family ready for the Chinese New Year!

Cart out the Firecracker Festive Roll from now till 18 January 2022 to enjoy 18% off per roll (applicable to festive roll only). 

The Chinese deem the incessant firing of crackers as man-tang-hong, meaning a “sign of prosperity”. Often on the eve of Chinese New Year, in wishing for a prosperous year, the firing of crackers is so extensive that the floor is carpeted with the red debris of broken wrappers of the cracker.
– taken from nlb.gov.sg

Est size: 27cm (L) x 4cm (D)

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