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The meaning of Gift

Every culture has their own beliefs of good fortune.
Interestingly, Circle or Round Shape or "圆" is one that is favored by many cultures.

In ancient China, the circle was an important cultural symbol.

The preference for Circle is deeply rooted in Chinese culture as
it exudes “harmony”, “vitality”, “original perfection” and “wholeness”.

The word 圆 (yuán) means “circle or round”, which symbolizes harmony, and divine life-force.
More specifically, it’s the process of completing the full circle that bears the most importance,
just like the rolling of the sponge into an auspicious HappyRoll.

Every round slice of our HappyRoll is symbolic of the perfection, completion and exuberance.
This year, as we usher in the Chinese New Year, greet your family, relatives and friends with our
Round CNY Swiss rolls to strengthen family bonds, love and share your well wishes too!

Our Packaging

Our Premium Platter in Magnetic ClamShell Gift Box available.

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